Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hit the dirt

I was travelling in circles - trying to get Zwarte to go the way I wanted him to. We had done this for some time when he spooked at something, the saddle slipped, and I slammed into the ground. Shoulder, hip and head.

I am sore.

Lesson learned: Must take a firmer grip on the reins - tell Z every step of the way what I want him to do. Oh, and tighten up the girth.

I'd like to try an aussie saddle with poleys to see if I can keep my seat better.


  1. Dang! Not fun!! I feel your pain. Your fresian is awesome!!

  2. Yikes. That ground gets harder as I get older... & I have been subsumed by guilt since I swapped saddles - my sweet lil' boy is no longer tossing his head, trying to tell me: "Mom! You're killing my back here!"