Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camp Robinson Special Use Area

I trailered Zwarte to a nearby Camp Robinson SUA (5,000 acres with a fence around the perimeter and no traffic) and met up with some very experienced trail riders, Trudy and Charlie Kincade.

I benefited from their vast knowledge while Zwarte benefited from the calming effect of their experienced horses. Perhaps Trudy and Charlie benefited (a little bit anyway) from having me along to identify birds and plants and who works for the agency that owns and
manages the land where we were riding. My agency provides, for free, camping areas with electricity, barns with stalls, kennels, outdoor pens, wash stalls, etc. Pretty good deal for horse people and they want to keep it that way.

Little Zwarte was so excited. He fell in love with the Trudy's mare, Dusty, and flirted with her. He saw running deer and gave them a long look but didn't bolt. He decided that since the gelding in front of him could walk through water, so could he. He gave scary culverts a long look but didn't bolt.

We were pestered by horseflies and 2 times, Zwarte tried to rid himself of them by bucking. I hung on.

When it came time to leave, Zwarte didn't want to leave his marefriend and ran off to be with her, with me flapping along behind on the leadline.