Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eh. Poor, poor pitiful me.

After being teased at the barn for my white plastic bridle, I did what needed to be done! That is, got on ebay and bought a used Passier bridle. Classic looking. I don't think the leather is all that, though. The plastic bridle was made of biothane and though completely ugly, was very nice to work with.

It has taken me a full month to almost get over falling off my horse. The xrays didn't show anything broken. And I learned about a new painkiller - Aleve. Going through the airport last week, I broke down and got a wheelchair. Hauling crap with a sore hip is just a bad idea, all round.

I tried out the australian saddle and it just didn't work for me. It felt perchy on my horse. And the workmanship was not up to standards. So it has been sent back.

I am back to the Bates Isabell. It fits well - both for me and my horse. No lesson this week. Everyone is getting ready for the horse show on Sunday.

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