Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progressing with my black horse

The reason I started a new blog was that I really didn't want some people to read my blog. This is more a recording of impressions and progress, a history.

Today was a fine day. I went to the barn with goals in mind. I planned to walk ZwD in hand with a chain over his nose and a crop in my right hand. This worked well because he was less inclined to try to walk over me - and the time he did try to, I just gave him a little smack with the crop. I think we are both getting it.

After that, I sprayed his mane and tail with detangler. The hair seems very dry.

The fly spray I purchased, Tri Tec 14, comes highly recommended by reviewers and it does seem like he is less bothered by flies than his paddock-mate, Fendi.

After our walking lesson, I let him graze green grass in the lane. He just loves that. Later, in his paddock, he hung around touching me. I think he likes me.

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